The Context and Color of the Bible Podcast

Are you interested in learning more about the Scriptures?

Ever wonder what you might be missing when you read a passage?

Do you love those “aha” moments when things click and just make sense all of a sudden?

Ever long for the Bible to come to life?

Then this is the podcast for you!

The Context and Color of the Bible Podcast is a podcast that my older sister and I started in the fall of 2020. We had both been studying and teaching the Bible separately for years, but we loved sharing with each other and discussing what we were learning. We figured there were other believers out there who also would want to dive deeper and would appreciate seeing the Bible come to life.

Together my sister and I have at least 4 decades of Bible study behind our belts, but there is always so much more to learn! What God has shown us, and the journey He has taken us on, has amazed and over whelmed us. This Book is amazing! And the God behind it, even more so.

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