Veronica and Erika introduce the book of Exodus and the first 8 verses in this episode.   Since there are forty chapters in Exodus, they are not going to dive into every detail. Instead their goal is to add to the discussion by focusing on different thoughts and ideas that aren’t normally covered. 

One way they are doing that is looking at the book in three parts: God redeems, God makes a covenant and God dwells. This will be the framework that each episode is built upon and woven into those three actions is memory.  Remembering the past will affect the present which ultimately affects the future. As you read through Scripture yourself, see if you can identify one of those three actions.

As you listen,  Veronica and Erika will address the questions:
 Who is the hero of the book?
What promises were left at the end of Genesis that need to be addressed in Exodus?
What connections do you see between Creation and the book of Exodus?
What happens when the world acknowledges God’s blessing on His people?
What happens when the fear of “what if” replaces the reality of “what is.”

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In order to prepare for this study we used the following books or articles:
Exploring Exodus by Nahum Saran
Exodus: God, Slavery, and Freedom by Dennis Prager
The JPS Commentary on Exodus by The Jewish Publication Society
Messiah – Issue 24
Exodus: Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible by Thomas Joseph White, OP
Exodus: A Mentor Commentary by John L. Mackay
Shadows of the Messiah by First Fruits of Zion, book 2
Miqra Journal – Winter 2003