I couldn’t help myself. It was just too beautiful outside today. The past 5 days have basically all been in the 40s and the snow was almost completely gone. Then last night the storm hit. It still isn’t terribly cold, but we did get some snow.

The pics were all taken from the same spot. I was standing at the edge of my parents’ driveway and turned toward the house, up the street, and then down the street. The drive in from the cottage was a little, ummmmm, slow at times, but not nearly as bad as I thought and absolutely beautiful!!!!!

Last night our electricity went out which caused me a little panic bc it was sooooooo dark and so quiet outside! I am not a fan of the dark I will be honest. We packed up our clothes and talked about driving in to the city but decided to wait it out and added extra blankets to the bed. Thank the Lord the electricity came back on about 2 and 1/2 hours later 🙂

We have officially been in the cottage for one week tomorrow!!! It’s been so nice to have a place for just the two of us again 🙂 Thanks, Mom and Dad Van, you have been such a blessing to us!

Enjoy the pics….