Let’s see. Bryan and I are doing quite well. We spend our days in town and our evenings at the cottage usually. It’s been a nice relaxing two weeks. Well, for me at least 🙂 But I do tell Bryan how much I appreciate that he is still working right now.

Ever since we left Israel God has provided several different opportunities for me to either teach about things I’ve learned or present on Israel. I’ve spoken in Church on Sunday night, presented to a seventh grade social studies class (public school), and taught a few different Bible studies. It’s been exciting and fun. Now, how to turn this into a full time job…..

Tomorrow Bryan and I fly out to Connecticut to visit Lori and Jared and our little niece and nephew, Eben and Aliza, for two weeks. We’re definitely looking forward to the trip and time with family 🙂 I’ve never been to Connecticut and I hear it’s beautiful, albeit cold right now.