Well, we returned yesterday from Connecticut. Many thanks to our family there, we had a great time. It was hard to leave.

Having spent in total four weeks with two different families that have two kids each- a boy and girl in each family and the oldest is about 3 and the youngest is either 1 or a little younger, the similarities were funny and the differences interesting.

One thing I learned – all 3 year olds must LOVE to have pillows thrown at them. In Alaska Bryan V (my husband) watched as Bryan C (bro-in-law) threw pillows at his little girl – Kylie (our niece). Having decided this would be great fun to continue and teach our nephew, Eben, Bryan V at Christmas began bombing the boy with any pillow he could find. Eben loved it, and no sooner did we see him in the airport in Connecticut and one of the first words out of his mouth – “Uncle Bryan can we play pillow attack!” It was a common nightly occurrence in both houses.

So, the first two pics are of Eben getting hit by pillows – he liked to lay down and have them thrown on him, but sometimes he’d stand up to get creamed. Kylie liked to stand and be knocked down by the pillow. In case you couldn’t tell, both kids spent the entire time laughing, and so did we who were watching.