(Jess, the answer to your question was posted as a comment on the last blog 🙂 )

So, this past Friday was my 20 week ultrasound and I was very excited. The Dr’s office told me it was about a 45 minute appointment, both my mom and mom-in-law and Bryan were going to be there. I couldn’t wait to see the baby myself, plus have everyone one else get to see the little one moving around.

Well, first my appointment was moved to an hr and 1/2 later, no biggie. Then the day of my appointment (as I am in the middle of chugging down water to try and get a full bladder) I get a phone call about 10 minutes before my appointment time. “We need you to come in right away the Dr. has an emergency C-section and he wants to try to fit in your ultrasound.” I grab Bryan, call both moms, and take off. In Ludington nothing is more than 5 minutes away and bc of where we live it’s actually less than a minute drive to the office. Thankfully both moms were right there as well.

We go in, get rushed into the room, the Dr. comes in and apologizes, and starts the ultrasound. Honestly, most of what we saw I didn’t recognize. I think I saw a little arm or leg move but I’m not sure. I know we saw the spinal chord and the heart for sure. The Dr. pointed out the head but said the face was buried in my pelvis and he couldn’t get a good shot. After about 15 minutes he had taken all of his needed measurements, said everything looked good, the baby is exactly the size he/she should be and there were no concerns. Then I left to go empty my bladder a little (the first of many times I’ll add) and the Dr. had to leave as well.

Needless to say I was extremely disappointed. Having grown up with an ER doctor for a dad I know emergencies happen and having worked in two Dr’s offices I know they still happen. But, well, I was hoping for a lot more to be honest. I’m incredibly thankful that everything looks good and is going well. Praise the Lord for that. I just wish I hadn’t set my hopes so high for this appointment.

Now I’m doing much better. It happened, it was disappointing, but, sometimes that’s just life. The baby’s good, I’m good, we have no clue what we’re having (yeah), and everyone did get to see the baby at least a little 🙂

Now we’re just waiting to find out if we’re getting a new niece or nephew at the same time….

Oh, and Bryan sent me this link – in case you all need to clean your screens 🙂