So, any day now this little one can make an entrance. Well, almost any day. My mom is gone October 17th to the 23rd to Seattle and Bryan is gone the 19th through the 24th to Grand Rapids. Now, I would very much prefer Both to be home at the time of this little one’s birth but definitely Bryan 🙂 At least it will be easier to call him in GR and say “get home now!” then if he was a plane flight away. Either way we/I am praying for the little one to make his/her grand entrance after the 24th.

In just a few minutes Bryan and I are going outside to finally put the infant car seat in our car. I think I’ve been procrastinating bc it makes me nervous! Now, according to my older sister “piece of cake,” it’s not that difficult, don’t worry about it, it will make sense just do it. As I was reading the actual ‘car seat manual’ however it didn’t sound or look that easy…. Make sure to have everything fastening the seat tightened properly or your child’s seat could slide around causing injury. Make sure to have the car seat in the correct place or your child could be hit in the head by something and injured. Make sure to have the straps snugly secure to your child or he/she could slide through them in the event of an accident and sustain injuries. Make sure to have the car seat at the correct angle or the child could fall forward and sustain injuries. Make sure that the sun does not directly hit the car seat while there is not child in the seat otherwise the padding can heat up and burn the child causing injuries….. It was quite a big book let’s just say.

In other words, is it more dangerous to place a child in an incorrectly fastened car seat or just hold the baby in your arms the way our parents did? Amazing that we all survived isn’t it 🙂

I have a list started of things to take to the hospital but it’s semi difficult to know what we’re really going to need. Some people are in the hospital for hours and end up reading, playing cards, talking… through a good chunk of their labor. Others fly through the labor and can’t focus on anything but what’s happening physically. So, do I need a book, movie, music or not? I have slippers to wear on the floor, IF I want to walk around, a robe to put on as well, IF I’m not too hot in it, clothes to change into, IF I ever get to leave :). What about food for Bryan? Will I be so long in labor that he’ll be hungry or will we both be so focused and it go so quickly that neither one of us will think of food or will I be so picky that I’ll hurt him if he eats in front of me? Will I really care if my lips are chapped and want lip gloss?

Decisions decisions decisions. They don’t end when you decide to have a child, they are just beginning – trust me.