Well, it has been quite the two weeks. It was a wonderful time. My little sister was able to come home for two weeks and Bryan’s brother and his wife were able to come home for almost two full weeks as well. It was so nice to see family and let the family see Rina.

The first picture is of Rina and her cousins on the VanHaitsma side. Eben, Aliza, and Nora who is 3 days younger than Rina. It was fun to see Rina and Nora together. They have different personalities already 🙂 It will be fun to watch them grow up together. The two babies took turns at keeping us busy. It seemed like if one wasn’t crying or fussing the other one was. And if one was awake the other was asleep and if one was done eating the other was just beginning. Just wait till they’re both walking I know 🙂

The middle picture is of Rina’s dedication. For different reasons it ended up being done at Path of Life (my parent’s church) but both dad’s were able to be involved. My dad asked us the questions and talked and then Bryan’s dad prayed. L-R in the picture – Jenna (my little sis), Bryan’s mom, Bryan, my mom, me and Rina, my dad, and Bryan’s dad. Rina was dedicated in the dress that both of my sisters and I were dedicated in and my girl cousins on the Nelson side so it is a special dress 🙂

The last picture is of most of the great grandkids on the Yadlosky side. My older sister’s two kids are missing (from Alaska). Aidan (sorry Lyndsey if I spelled that wrong), Rina, Abbigal, and Carter. Abbigal is 2 weeks older than Rina. Yes, Rina is long for her age. We found out she’s in the 90-95th percentile for length!!!

Anyways, we had a great Christmas but missed those of you we weren’t able to see!
There are new 2 month pictures of Rina on her website.