Yo mamma, what’z up. – Picture caption.
Some tips that I have picked up while going through parenthood. Thought I might share a few

1) A&D ointment to help prevent diaper rashes. Rina had a bad diaper rash really early on. My cousin mentioned this to me when she heard about it. Put A&D ointment on every time you change the diaper. I don’t do it every single time, but I do it before bed every night and on most diapers throughout the day. Granted it’s a lot of ointment but it seems to be making a difference.

2) Washcloth instead of wipes. When we’re out and about I have wipes for Rina’s bottom but at home we have 3 washcloths that we use only for her butt. They hang in the bathroom and they get washed with her cloth diapers.

3) Bucket full of hot soapy water for dirty clothes and diapers. Apparently my sisters and I spit up a ton when we were little. Our church refused to change the carpet in the nursery until my parents were done having kids bc we threw up so much (according to my parents) so my mom had to learn this trick to keep our clothes looking nice. Anything Rina’s really puked or pooped on goes into a bucket with soap and water until I wash it. Including our clothes. So far Rina’s clothes still look nice I think 🙂

4) When they’re little use half the wipe on the bottom if it’s not that dirty. Just tear it in half and clean away. Stuff the other half for another day (haha).

I think that’s about all. If you have any tips feel free to share them my way 🙂