She looks a little surprised or concerned in this picture doesn’t she 🙂

I should have been warned by the response of one of Bryan’s coworkers when he found out we were buying our first house after having just had our first kid. “Wow, that’s a lot of changes in a short time!” Yes it is and I am feeling it.

We are in the throes of packing and moving. We’ve already taken a few minor things to the house and this Saturday is the big move. Now we’re just trying to finish the packing and move other boxes over so we have some more room in our apartment again. My poor husband and child are having to put up with a less than patient wife and mother unfortunately these days. And it seems like right now Rina’s naps are not as good which makes her more fussy and more desirable of entertainment and interaction. It’s hard to pack and entertain a 5 and 1/2 mos old at the same. Bring on the movies!

Slowly but surely things are getting put in boxes and space is beginning to appear in closets and on shelves. Dad Van is coming over Thursday night to play with Rina so Bry and I can take clothes to the house. Why pack those when we can just move them and put them straight into the closet??? Friday afternoon hopefully my mom is coming over to help me pack up the kitchen stuff and take that over to the house and then unpack and get the kitchen semi settled. Oh, and did I mention I’m suppose to bring snacks to church this Sunday 🙂 I bought Oreos, who doesn’t like the cookie sandwich combo 🙂

God is good and God is faithful and things always get done. Please pray for good weather this Saturday. Every other moving day has been wonderful (yes we’ve had several) and I’m praying this day ends up the same. Clear blue skies and a good breeze but not too chilly. God really has been good to us in the weather department on moving day.

In other news yesterday for the first time I hit a squirrel. The poor thing dashed out in front of me there was no way I could have missed it 🙁 Adding the squirrel to my hit list makes : 1 possum, 1 goose, and now 1 squirrel. Oh and 1 mailbox as well.