Little disclaimer – all of these pictures were taken when we first moved in so things have changed a little bit but we’re still not “done.” I’ll take new pics of each room after we get it like we want it. Which may be a few years I know.

The first picture is of the “3 season room” or the front porch area. One day I want to paint the brown walls to get some lighter color in there 🙂 and put a little kid table and make the other side into a reading area. There’s a lot less in it right now since we’ve put most everything away. There is an orange recliner and a lamp on one side already. I wouldn’t mind adding a little coffee table and plant.

The second picture is of the family room upstairs. Now the tv is in it and a bean bag, lamp, and a pillow. Oh, and all our weights and work out stuff is up there as well. I love this room and can’t wait for it to be furnished 🙂 Whenever that happens. I’d like to put a couch and chair/love seat up here with an end table. Just turn it into a fun family place to watch a movie and eat popcorn. But, it would be nice to leave it open for kids to play up here as well….

In the kitchen we’re going to have hardwood floors one day. Maybe this year, maybe next. We’re still trying to figure out money and budget for some things right now. Otherwise, it’s wonderful to have actual counter top space and cupboards! Oh, and my own washer and dryer!!!!!!!