Well, for the past almost 2 mos now Rina has been trying different foods. She has tried rice cereal, green beans, bananas, applesauce (remember the constipation issue), carrots, sweet potato, asparagus, pears, mango, watermelon, cheerios, mum-mums (rice cake things), and puffs (flavored rice cake things I think).

So far the favorites are definitely rice cereal, puffs, mum-mums, pears, green beans, and cheerios. The mango she just started so I’m thinking that will become a favorite once she gets used to the flavor but who knows.

“Miss Susie Homemaker” I am not not but I actually have been making Rina’s baby food. SIMPLY bc I once again heard how much money you can save doing it that way. Some also talk about the health benefits but let’s be honest, if most kids can survive on canned baby food Rina can as well 🙂

It does seem to be a lot cheaper – IF you can get produce cheap. One jar of baby food (which is supposedly one meal’s worth) is at least 60 cents if not more, especially if you get the “healthier” kind. Well, most produce is cheaper than that. Thankfully someone lent me a book on how to make baby food. “Super Baby Food” it’s called. I think the author is a little out of touch with reality in some areas (she makes her own EVERYTHING) but it’s incredibly helpful to know what to feed the baby when and how to puree your own fruits and veggies and how long they last in the freezer.

You know, 10 years ago I was going to be a missionary and live over seas, never going to get married and therefore, never have kids. 10 years later here I am using cloth diapers, making my own baby food, and living in Scottville! Oh, does God have a sense of humor or what.