We had a great Labor day weekend at Grandpa and Grandma Van’s cottage. Rina was well taken care of all weekend and had a ton of grandpa and grandma time 🙂

All this time Bryan and I have been trying to temp Rina with crawling by putting toys, books, people, even off limit things like cell phones in front of Rin to see if we could get her to crawl. No go. This past weekend Rina actually crawled on her hands and knees a few inches. I was really excited needless to say. (Although she still MUCH prefers walking and is getting quite good at it! She’s even cruising on her own around the furniture sometimes. Not too fast but definitely getting there)

Anyways, last night I put Rina on the floor along with a plate of pizza several feet away (we were upstairs to watch a movie). I wasn’t worried about the pizza since Rina hasn’t really crawled yet. To our surprise Bryan and I watched as Rina looked at the pizza, got herself into the crawling position and crawled over to the plate of pizza. I thought maybe it was a fluke so we moved the plate even farther. But, she made it the second time as well.

Apparently we just weren’t using the right “inducements.” Toys and cell phones who needs, but food, my child will work for food. She’s my kid all right 🙂