Well, there’s just not much to say except I think she’s stinkin’ cute 🙂 It’s fun to watch her personality come out and see a little bit more every day who is this little person that’s joined our family. Rina is crawling all over the place now which is nice. It does make working out a bit more difficult and now I find I have to keep her contained otherwise she wants to play with my weights and climb my step up box. She loves the stairs and heads straight for them any time she’s free and has a clear path. And she’s actually fine climbing up them, it’s the coming down that we need to work on 🙂

I’ve also decided it’s time to cut down on the nursing. She will be 11 mos on Wednesday and I’d like to be done by the time she’s 1 thus, the weaning has begun. So far she seems fine with it, but I’m only cutting out one feeding a week. Hopefully that will help the transition for both of us. Do I just start her on whole milk then? How much milk does she need to drink a day? How easily do babies switch from breast milk to milk? Any tips on how to make the transition easier????

Rina has actually tried a couple of times to take a step or two on her own but she’s only made it about the step and then she falls flat on her butt. Thankfully it’s quite padded 🙂 Yes, we are still using cloth diapers and I am incredibly thankful. They are SO easy!!! Thanks also to my sister-in-law’s sister for letting us buy her kids’ old cloth diapers. Makes it so much easier than having to figure out who to buy from and what to buy 🙂 I would heartily recommend trying cloth diapers, they really are pretty easy. There are some little quirks you deal with but that’s all! Trust me, I am not miss Susiehomemaker not miss wondermom and I can do them. If I can handle them ANYONE can handle them 🙂