Well, we had a great time in Connecticut last week. It was sooo good to be able to spend so much time with Jared and Lori and the kids. I never get good shots of the Eben and Aliza bc they’re so busy playing with their “Uncle Bwy-an” (as Aliza calls him) and the girls were barely less movement-oriented this time. Oh well, maybe one day 🙂

Lori was given several 12 mos pjs and two of them were the same so we put Nora and Rina in them one night and tried to get some pics. I took many and only one turned out 🙂

Lori has more experience, a better eye, and a quicker thumb 🙂 Most of her pics turned out better than mine so you can check out her blog for some of the better shots.

Oh, I tried to get the pics to get scattered throughout the post but it didn’t work so you’re stuck with this silly arrangement 🙂

While there we drove through Massachusetts into New Hampshire and back through Vermont (BEAUTIFUL!), went to an animal farm, a children’s museum, took a nice walk, played at a park, hung out at home and relaxed and played with the kids, went to Walmart… It was just a nice time.

Then we came home…. Yep, our old one car garage has been torn down and we are getting a new 2 stall garage built in! Praise the Lord, I am so thankful! Oh, we also came home to my parents living in our home – but more on that next week.

Thanks again Jared and Lori – we had a great time and can’t wait to see you all in a couple months!