If Bryan had been in the picture we may have actually had Christmas cards this year. But alas he was taking the picture so…. 🙂 Maybe next year. (yeah right)
Have you ever noticed how this time of year takes on at least one of two meanings. Either it’s all about friends and family (gift wrapping, food prep, parties and gatherings) Or it’s all about me. I need this to make me happy. I even saw an add for Meijer that stated “Happy Holiday Must Haves.”

Then there’s the topic of conversations among Christians during this time of year. We discuss Mary and her beautiful song she sang to the Lord and we’re encouraged that we need to be more like Mary and have faith in God. We talk about Zechariah and Elizabeth and how God did for them the impossible and we’re taught that God can do the impossible for us if we let Him. We talk about how over 2000 years ago a little baby was born and placed in a manger so that He could grow up one day and die to save me from my sins. And before you know it Christmas becomes all about us. And actually it becomes all about me. About what God is doing to save me.

We are told that the heart of God’s plan is to save me from my sins so that I can be in heaven with Him forever one day. We tell people God has a wonderful plan for your life so come to Jesus. We search the Bible to find out what it teaches about me. In essence, the heart of the gospel, the emphasis of Scripture, the center of God’s plan becomes all about me.

Now I’m not saying those things are not true! The salvation of men and women is dear to the heart of God and it is an important part of the Biblical story, but it’s just a part. Yes, a little baby was born over 2000 years ago and He did grow up, was crucified, buried and rose again but not simply to bring me salvation. You see, it’s not about me. It’s not about us.

It’s all about God. It is truly all about God. The reason for creation, the purpose of our salvation, the full reason a little baby was born over 2000 years ago is all about God. And in it being all about God – it’s all about bringing glory to God. To making His Name great among the nations. Jesus came to earth, was crucified, buried, and rose again primarily to bring glory to God and only secondarily to save us. And the primary reason for our salvation is so that we can more fully bring glory to God. Bc it’s all about God!

And you can see this in the Christmas story itself……