My very serious child. Who knows if she’s ignoring me or looking at something intently 🙂 Both are possible.

Life is busy these days and I find myself always tired. I know, believe me, I have a toddler and I’m pregnant what am I expecting. And Rina seems to like to get into EVERYTHING right now, especially if I’m doing something. Apparently that’s prime time for mischief.
Rina’s vocab is slightly increasing 🙂 She says the occasional momma, often says dadda, cookie and cracker are still two big favorites. But we’ve also added shoe, turtle, potentially hello and no to the mix. For not having a big vocab the girl babbles a ton! I love hearing it. She has the inflection, the hand gestures, the facial expressions – everything just not the actual words 🙂 Oh and there are times the lips don’t really move but there’s a heck of a lot of sound coming out. Didn’t realize you could say so much with one syllable 🙂
Sorry about not updating yesterday. This week and next week are busy with Passover prep and life.