The Pacifier fight continues… Apparently some habits die hard.

I’ve been thinking about all the things that could kill me lately and to be honest, it’s quite a list! Only eat organic fruits and veggies bc the pesticides on the other ones will kill you. Only eat whole wheat flour but better make sure it’s real whole wheat and not just white dyed brown bc white bread will kill you. Any high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils in your diet, yep your dead meat. Speaking of meat the more animal flesh you eat the worse off you’ll be. Oh, and there’s the don’t eat using any type of plastic bc we all KNOW what’s in plastic these days.
Make sure you get some sun bc it’s good for Vit D and helps from keeping you depressed (and we all know things can happen when we’re depressed) but don’t get too much sun or it’ll kill ya.
Speaking of pesticides, did you know many type of pesticides can kill you. Not to mention the cleaning agents you use in your home – so many chemicals!! Not to mention the chemicals and contents that have already gone into the building of your home and the making of your car. But at least your home isn’t polluting the environment the way your car is. Yep, killing yourself there too.
But it’s not just at home – it’s everywhere! Schools – did you know all the chemicals you can pick up at school these days from the toxic markers to the whitewash boards spreading chemicals through the air! And fast food restaurants don’t even get me started on those! Fake, processed meats, cheeses, bread, and even a green thing that they claim is lettuce but I don’t believe ’em! Now work, that’s a dangerous place too! If you sit too much you can die earlier but if you get up to eat too many of the treats that get brought in – you could die earlier, and don’t even begin to get me started on all the coffee people ingest at work daily and what caffeine can do to you!
But the most important thing of all – make sure while you’re eating your veggie sandwich (from veggies that you grew yourself and homemade whole wheat tofu bread with non dairy non processed cheese) and standing outside getting fresh air partially in the shade and partially in the sun, drinking water from the nearest mountain stream bc that’s the freshest and purest, wearing clothes that are organic and somehow pasteurized, and wearing a hat just in case you get too much sun along with homemade sunscreen and bug protection (bc we all KNOW how many diseases they carry) make sure to laugh. Bc stress can also kill ya.
Disclaimer- you can do everything on this list and still you will probably die one day…