Originally I had thought these pics were taken of me in my 8th month but they were taken in June so I was only 7 mos there. I need to get an 8 mos picture before my 8th mos is done 🙂

We’re all doing well. Rina had a bit of a cold last week and she still has the cough and runny nose but that’s it. I picked up the cough from her but thankfully nothing else.
I recently read a book titled “Shepherding a Child’s Heart.” I would heartily recommend it. I don’t agree with everything (but who does with anyone or anything these days) but the main premise of the book is excellent. You need to reach your child’s heart, not just change his/her behavior. Discipline is about restitution, restoring the child to his place under your authority and ultimately under God’s, restoring the relationship that the child broke by disobeying you and therefore, God. Since God has set you over your child – any offence against you is ultimately against God.
The book makes a connection between our discipline and God’s. Our discipline is to be restorative bc God’s is restorative. All throughout Scripture whenever God disciplined (be it Israel or whomever) it was always to restore the relationship, to bring the person or people back under God’s authority and therefore into a position of being blessed. Obedience itself IS a blessing, and disobedience IS a curse. I can already see it with Rina.
Prov 3:11-12 My son, do not despise the LORD’s discipline and do not resent His rebuke, bc the LORD disciplines those He loves, as a father the son He delights in.