Angela and I went to school together in Israel. Bc we both live in Mi (for now) we’ve been able to get together occasionally. She has Jack (who’s almost 2) and she’s expecting a little girl in Jan. Then in March she, her hubby, and their two kids will all go to Jordan for 6 mos so her husband can work on a dig there. He’s getting his PhD in archaeology.

Rina’s starting to sing 🙂 Occasionally we’ll hear “Jesus…. follow” or “light….. shine…. no!” So cute!!

Both Bry and I struggle with fear. Last year we spent 40 days specifically praying against it. We asked God to remove it, show us the root cause of it, put faith in its place… I felt like things got better after that. I was able to sleep at nights without laying in bed worrying and wondering for the most part, but lately it’s coming back.
A couple of weeks ago I had one particularly hard day and I just kept struggling with all the pain people go through. Life can be really hard and for some people it’s terrible. I don’t understand how God can handle all the pain people go through. I don’t understand how He can sit there knowing He can stop it yet from my perspective do nothing. I look at my children and I am terrified of what they may have to experience. I don’t understand.
So, one night I was trying my hardest to just not go there with my thoughts when mercifully the Holy Spirit put this song in my brain. “You were God alone, from before time began. You were on Your throne, and You were God alone. And right now in the good times and bad You are on Your throne, You are God alone.” I grabbed that song and held on to the truth it was saying.
I don’t have answers, I can’t even pretend to understand it all. But I will focus on the truth that God is God. He is God alone. He has always been God and He will always be God and He is on His throne and He is good. My dad has this statement he’s been saying from the pulpit lately “I believe God is in control. I also believe God is good. And I’m going to wait by faith to see it.”