At the Dr’s office when they asked what color Rina wanted her response was pink! I was kind of hoping for green myself but it’s not my cast 🙂 She’ll have it on for another 2 weeks (a total of 3 weeks) and then it comes off and more xrays to see if everything is healing well. It amazes me how well she’s doing already. Sometimes it’s like it’s not even on!!

My big boy Micah 🙂 Thought you all might enjoy a pic of his legs and their fullness 🙂 It’s amazing how much more he’s responding! He so badly wants to sit up and he loves to be with us and a part of the group. He’s babbling a ton too!
We had my grandpa’s funeral last week. Some very good and very painful moments. It was amazing to hear the stories and be reminded again of the man that he was and the godly heritage I have. Since then Roni and her kids have been in town so we’ve been pretty busy trying to make the most of this unexpected visit. Family pics next post – Bry sorry 🙂
All in all a good but incredibly busy time!