Not sure about the lonely nights – just decided to say that to get people to read this one 🙂 as for sick days – we have been way too familiar with that one. Let me share the list:
Rina breaks her arm
I get the flu
Rina gets the flu
Rina gets pink eye
I have a relapse of the flu
Bryan gets the flu
I get a cold
I get pink eye
Bryan gets a cold
Micah gets pink eye
And all in about a month
Yes – Dan and Jenn we will be healthy when you guys come to visit next weekend!!! And the house will be cleaned and cloroxed 🙂
Thankfully my pink eye is pretty much done, Bryan’s cold is very minor, and we’re fighting hard to not let Micah get full blown pink eye. But after this I don’t think there’s anything left for us to get!!!!!!!
I was going to put on here a really cute picture I took of Bryan under layers of blankets and clothes when he was sick but I didn’t think he’d appreciate it. Pity 🙂