Sorry I didn’t update the blog last week. Sometimes it feels like life is getting busier and busier and I’m not sure how to make things better.

Micah Jon had his 6mos check up last week 🙂 He is in the 100th % for length (!) and 50th for weight. He is outgrowing his carseat a little faster than we were anticipating. We’ll probably be buying the next step up soon – especially since Rina is still using her’s and will be until she’s 21 probably with the way the laws are going…. 😉
Otherwise my little man is healthy and good. He is starting to make more noises and shrieks quite a bit these days if he’s bored and needs attention 🙂 Then there’s his eating – the boy can eat!!! Unfortunately – just like Rina – he gets easily constipated so we’re dealing with that right now 🙁 My kids apparently don’t handle the transition to solids very well.
As for Rina – well, she came down with strep in both the throat and rectum 🙁 It creates a rash that starts on the bottom and moves down the legs and up the back and is quite painful the dr. said. Praise the Lord she is starting to do better today but the last few days have been a bit rough. Sick kids are very very draining. She had a little ice cream last night and she’s drinking chocolate milk occasionally but otherwise she hasn’t really eaten since Monday.
As for Bry and I – we have been going through his and Jared’s old legos and putting sets together. Jared and his family started it when they were in town last summer and we decided to keep sorting and building. This is a castle set Bryan bought when he was younger. One day it will be fun to give this to our kids to use to play with and build. It is addicting! You just sit, sort, and build – no thinking involved really 🙂