(to the tune of the song “Sisters” from the movie “White Christmas”)

Sibling, siblings… there were never such devoted siblings! Even when the one wants to be alone, the other comes and makes her home. One may be older, one may shorter, they still like the same toy gun. Two different faces but often in very tight spaces, their fighting may have just begun!
I know, I am no poet 🙂 I’ll leave that to Jenna. Still, I don’t think I did a terrible parody 🙂 but feel free to disagree. Micah’s second tooth is coming! I wonder how he’ll look with teeth. I think it can change the look of the face so we’ll see. And actually, Micah and Rina really don’t fight yet but I know that just goes with the territory 🙂 I have two sisters myself! And yes we fought but we were also incredibly close (and thankfully still are).
Not much else to say otherwise. Oh, our 6 year Anniversary is this weekend. Wow, how time does fly!!! I have been incredibly blessed with an amazing husband. God has been very good!