I once read an article about a person’s lack of faith bc of the suffering of people and one of the comments below the article was from someone who claimed to be a christian but agreed that suffering of people was very difficult for him bc there was absolutely no reason for it. Cancer, abuse, sickness, accidents… the only suffering that was redeemable in this person’s eyes was the persecution of Christians bc at least they’re suffering for a reason and at least they’ll get a reward for what they endure.. but the rest of suffering – no reason, no purpose, not at all redeemable according to this christian.

And my first thought was how arrogant. To say that anyone’s suffering has absolutely no purpose means that you see the end from the beginning and you see how this struggle with affect not only this person for eternity but a multitude of others who are influenced by this person. To call anyone’s suffering as irredeemable and a waste is in essence to say “I see it all, I understand it all, I know it all” in other words “I am god and I have decreed your pain is fruitless.”

No one’s pain is fruitless if it has been decreed by a God in heaven who loves and cares for His children! No one’s tears are unaccounted, no one’s struggle is unknown, no one’s pain and suffering is for naught when molded by the hand of a Father in heaven who knows all, is in control of all, and is good.

We are flesh and blood, we don’t see the end from the beginning, we don’t know the eternal consequences of the struggle. Do not place yourself on God’s throne – He is God you aren’t. It is His responsibility to redeem someone’s pain, not mine. Sometimes it’s not even our responsibility to understand the pain, just to acknowledge in the midst of it that God is in control, God is good, and He will use this for His purpose, His glory, and somehow our benefit.

May we never place ourselves in the seat of judgment for someone else’s suffering or even our own. May we simply learn to trust in the God who is able and does redeem pain bc He is God and we are not.