This Sunday most Churches will celebrate communion and I was talking to Bry about ALL there is to say about it. Communion is a time of shalom, not just peace but acknowledging there is a whole-ness in your relationship with God, God to you, and you to your fellow man. You are at peace in every aspect of who you are. Then there is the idea that this is God’s table and that is an amazing privilege and blessing to be invited to eat at the table of the Lord of the Universe. God has invited us to have table fellowship with Him and this is huge bc only friends eat at someone’s table, not enemies. And unlike times past we can all eat at God’s table. Not just pastors, elders, or the leaders of our Churches but those of us sitting in the pews as well can partake of God’s meal. Then there’s the fact that this comes from the Passover meal and that has HUGE implications all its own. To Jesus and His Disciples this meal reminded them that God has freed their people from a terrible enslavement. He has redeemed them and made them His own with a very high price. Blood has been paid, death has occurred and you are now free. Not to belong to yourselves but to belong to God. You are freed from slavery to Egypt to become slaves to God.

Communion, has it become something we do once a month, it is our custom, our tradition, our right if you will. Whether or not I’m here mentally I will partake of Communion bc it’s part of going to Church and being a good Christian. ¬†Have we gotten so use to the act we have forgotten its significance? Or is it that we really have no clue as to what this is all about. Why eat bread to remind ourselves of Jesus’ death, why drink a cup of wine or juice to remind ourselves of His blood shed? Is this really truly important – something that needs to be remembered this much? Why do we take Communion?

There is so much to say and I’m sure we have not even scratched the surface of the beauty, the wonder, the truths that abound in this act, this ritual. But, may God have mercy on us and by His grace may we never take this small act for granted. May we be continually reminded through the Holy Spirit of the eternal consequences and significance of this one deed. May we never stop rejoicing at its truth, may we never drink and eat lightly, may we never forget what has been done to secure for us so great a salvation.