Awhile back I heard of a wedding (no it was not mine but I wish I had been there to see it) where the bride and groom wanted to accurately portray Christ and the Church. So they had this incredibly beautiful music playing as the bridesmaids walked down the aisle. Then the bride herself came and the music began to grow. However, just as the music was swelling to its most glorious and beautiful a voice came over the loud speaker and said “would you all please stand – the Groom has arrived.”
It is so easy today to believe that bc life is “all about me,” heaven and the marriage supper of the Lamb will also be all about me. After all, Jesus died to save me – that’s how incredibly important I am to God. Yes, we are more important to God then we could ever realize. He loves us with a passion and depth we could never fathom. However… that doesn’t mean life, eternity, and even our salvation is all about us. We will be guests at the marriage supper of the Lamb, but the place of Honor will be for the One who procured for us so great a salvation.
Recognizing and acknowledging your place in life doesn’t mean you have little or no worth. All it does is allow you to know your proper worth. God is God alone and He deserves it all, owns it all, knows it all, does it all, all praise, honor and glory belong to Him alone! But, this amazing God who is infinite, Holy beyond measure or count, who knows the stars in the sky by name and even keeps them up by His power has declared us as His Bride, His treasure, the one He wants to spend eternity with. But understand – eternity won’t be about fulfilling our wishes or desires but Losing ourselves in His! And we will be more than content!
May we realize where our true value and worth come from and may that gives us the humility to admit life, death, eternity, heaven and even hell are not about us! But may it also give us the courage to stand before kings and proclaim who we are and the One to whom we belong! In honor of the Groom who will one day come for His bride may we live and breath.