Welcome Aliyah Joy 🙂 She is 2 weeks old today so yes I am WAY BEHIND in this blog (at least for me).

I REALLY wanted to go “completely natural” with this one since the Dr. broke my water for both Rina and Micah. But, as my mother-in-law reminded me “any vaginal birth is completely natural” no matter how it starts 🙂 So yes, after almost a week of temps in the ’90s and being not the most patient of mothers I gave in and said “let’s do it!”

July 6th at 8:10 am my water was broken and at 11:54 am out popped Aliyah Joy. I have to say God was incredibly faithful and answered EVERY single prayer we had for this labor and delivery. Everything from “my nurse” being there to the length of the labor to having my own room… This was my fastest time yet and there were absolutely no complications. She was definitely ready to come out!!

Even Ali’s weight was a matter of prayer. I had wanted a baby in the 7 lb range and she was born weighing 7 lbs 12 ozs 🙂 21 and 1/4 ins in length. She is a LONG girl!

Rina adores her baby sister and takes very good care of her. Micah doesn’t mind her too much. Although he did one day point at her and say “no like.” 🙂 He will kiss her and even calls her by name now “baby Ali!” as he says. As babies go I think Ali is a bit fussier than my the other 2 but she’s not bad. Just periods of fussiness where she wants to nurse (snack) and be held. She can go 2-3 hours at night between feedings which is nice.

All in all we are incredibly thankful for her!!!