This past weekend I had the pleasure of going to a Nancy Leigh DeMoss True Woman’s Conference bc Bryan had to work and put the videos of the conference on the internet. The last morning one of the speakers talked about how we were doing as a nation. She read statistic after statistic and comment after  comment from Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, christians and atheists, all acknowledging that there is something desperately wrong with America today. Most Americans are not happy with where we are economically, morally, or spiritually. There is a deep fear and concern that if things keep going they way they are society will collapse and this once great nation will disappear and very little will be left in its place. Something is incredibly wrong and things drastically need to change, but no one knew what to change or even how to change direction. America is going to hell in a handbasket and most Americans feel helpless to do anything other than watch us burn.

But the speaker went on – there is hope. Revival. What if God moved so powerfully that every day more people became true believers in Jesus? What if God moved so powerfully that thousands in your city alone came to know Christ? What if bars closed, shopkeepers closed their doors on Sunday to encourage others to be in church? What if jails were emptied, churches were packed, and prayer meetings became the highlight of the week? Revival. What if God moved that powerfully???

How does revival start? Where does it begin – with repentance. And repentance is hard and it takes work. Gypsy Smith was a famous itinerant preacher that was used by God both in America and Europe. Before he entered any city in which he was called to preach, he would stand outside the city, draw a circle on the ground and then step in to that circle. He would then pray that God would send revival to that city but that it would start in the circle – let it start with me.

How badly do you want revival??? How desperately do you want to see the power of God like you have never seen it before? If only for the sake of my children I am becoming just the tiniest smallest degree desperate. Then it needs to begin here, in me. Oh God break my heart over my sin. Let it become so disgusting to me that I could never speak another judgmental word against anyone else bc I see MY sin for what it is. Break me oh God! Cause me to become truly desperate for revival! Send revival Lord God, and let it begin right here in me.