It was Moody’s Pastors Conference and they were having a Q&A time with different Pastors on the subject of revival. A young man stood up and said “I have 2 comments I’d like to make and then a question. I am from Uganda and we are having a revival in Uganda bc of devastation. And through this experience we have learned that revival comes either through Devastation or Desperation. My 2nd comment – we in Uganda are praying for a revival in America today bc we know as America so goes the west and as the west so goes the world. My question is- what are you pastors doing to make sure revival comes not through devastation but through desperation?” No one had an answer for the young man.

Please don’t answer this lightly. God is very serious about this subject and we need to be as well. Do you realize what it means to ask God to break you? To ask God to cause you to hate the sin that you love today? To be on your knees before the Lord begging Him to do whatever it takes to refine and purify you?

And this doesn’t mean that you have to “feel” a desire for God to move this way. I’m not thrilled about the process of purification bc it hurts and it’s hard but I know I NEED to be purified and I know that I WANT to be desperate for revival in my own heart, my own family, church, city and nation.

God will move mightily. His Word promises that if we seek Him He will be found by us! If we call on Him He will answer us! If we draw near to Him He will draw near to us! How desperate are you to be near God and have Him be near to you? Are you willing to stand in the circle (see last post) and pray daily “Send revival Lord, do the painful powerful cleansing work that needs to be done and let it start in me!” Who will stand in the circle? And may God take you at your word