As a parent there is almost nothing you enjoy more than watching your children delight in something you have given to them. Let’s say you want to take your child to an amusement park, you work extra hours, save up all your money and you cannot wait and are so excited just anticipating their excitement! Right?

Let’s take this one step further. Money, time, effort, energy are no object and you decide to create this amazing amusement park for your child and you know this child inside and out. You know what food they love and hate, their favorite colors, sounds, and smells, and what kinds of rides will thrill them.

But beyond that you know them so well you know exactly where your child will need a tree bc at this point they will be very tired and want some shade. Or right at this point the child’s going to get hungry and they LOVE ice cream so I’ll put an ice cream stand right here. And this ride is first bc they’ll love it and it’s not as scary and this ride goes toward the end bc they’ll need to work in to it. You create this amazing place simply for this child you love so much and you cannot wait to go through it with them.

It’s not a hardship to build this place bc of the pure enjoyment your child will have. The wonder and delight this child will experience makes everything easy. You can barely wait to watch the eyes open wide in wonder and amazement. You can already picture the huge smile on the face and how the body will sake with excitement as they take it all in. You are longing for that day of pure pleasure for the one you love.

Even with our imperfections, our struggles with the flesh and sin, we still understand this idea. How much more your Father in heaven who is w/o sin, totally pure, holy, and is love. You think an amusement park built specifically for you would be awesome – that will be like eating dirt compared to the feast that God has in eternity waiting, specifically created and creating just for you.

May we never forget this delight of knowing our true home is coming. Or the truth that it is created by a God in heaven who loves us deeply, knows us intimately, and can do anything. How can eternity be anything but spectacular. And may we learn to long for that day as our Father does.