I have to admit I look back over this blog and I am amazed at how things have changed since I began it 🙂 I did not expect life to go this way and to be honest, I never thought I’d be blogging about it! It’s not like my life is all that “exciting.” However, it is fun to look back at the pics and read through the different issues we’ve had over the years.

The big news this week – we started school. Yep, Rina and I are now officially home schooling. This year I’m using the Sonlight program. It’s a bit expensive as curriculums go but it’s great for getting your feet wet. They give you everything! Books, schedules, and how to… plus extra ideas for incorporating more learning in to your day. Right now I need someone to help me organize and tell me what to do. Rina loves it so that makes it more fun. Sonlight is also heavy on reading which makes things easier with Micah. He enjoys the stories we read just as much as Rina at times.

Otherwise life continues on crazy and busy. Ali had her 6 mos check up. 90th % for height and 50th for weight 🙂 We grow’em tall what can I say!