The life of a little boy is amazing when you have an older sister around 🙂 If she gets to dress up and play with all these fun clothes then why can’t I??? He isn’t usually in to dress up but occasionally when she’s wearing one of her princess dresses he has to join in the fun. It doesn’t last too long, an hour or so at the most. Sometimes just long enough for mom to get a blackmail picture 🙂 I see these photos popping up again at a wedding (won’t his wife laugh 😉 ) or a high school graduation party….

Ali has a tooth! It’s barely popping through but it’s there. Exciting times. We are still fighting her diaper rash. She’s had it for over a month now and I’m getting pretty tired of it 🙁 She hasn’t worn cloth diapers in awhile and I’ve forgotten how expensive disposable diapers are when that’s all you use!

Oh, happy Valentines day. Or “Singles Awareness Day” for Jenna 😉

School is going well. Rina still enjoys it and even Micah gets excited when I mention it. We’re slowly learning a routine. The books I can read to both Rina and Micah but when it comes to the writing part it’s just so much easier to do when Micah’s sleeping. Then I can focus on Rina and try to be patient.

Ok, I just have to say it is crazy weather today. It was snowing this morning with ice on the roads. Rained later in the day and the roads were slush. I just looked out the window to see the snow/rain mix and now it’s back to full blown snowing. It’s beautiful but wow! The weather channel must be having an exciting time keeping up with all the changes 😉