Who does Ali look like? When she was born Ali was the spittin image of Rina. It was amazing! But as she grows more people are saying Micah. Since I hear that both Rina and Micah look like me I guess Ali’s still mine 🙂 Poor Bry, maybe one day he’ll have a child in his image 😉

Life continues on… thanks for the suggestions for Ali’s rash! Unfortunately so far none have worked but we’ll keep trying. At this point the best way to keep it under control seems to be open air time for her little bottom and constant ointment or powder. Thank the Lord she is not bothered by it!

This past week they found a blood clot in my father-in-law’s lungs. We are thankful it was found (he’s now getting a shot to help thin the blood) and that he has had no pain or problems from it. God has been very faithful.

Rina and Micah are doing well. The potty training has stopped but his vocab increases which makes things so fun. I love listening to the boy talk 🙂 And Rina continues to amaze me with her memory. Little ears pick up a lot and never forget!

Children make life incredibly busy but ‘most’ days they also make it worth it 😉