Sometimes you just need a movie star moment 🙂 Rina was wearing my glasses. I’m not really sure what they were doing up on that stool but hey, it kept them occupied and provided some good ole-fashioned entertainment.

My in-laws are traveling to Mayo this weekend. The last bout of chemo did not do what we were hoping so… time to call in the big guns. Or at least time to visit them and see what they think. Hurry up and wait as my mother-in-law says. That’s one of the hardest parts in this whole situation.

In a bit lighter news 🙂 Bry and I had the privilege of giving a message on the book of Judges at our church on Sunday. I have to say, I was never really the biggest fan of the book myself but it was fascinating to study! Bry did an overview of the book and I decided to look in to chap 19 bc frankly I never cared for that chapter and I wanted to know why it was in the Bible in the first place. Wow, is about all I can say from what I learned. It is a very hard, difficult, but incredibly important book and very timely for the Church today!