We have truly been blessed by all the cards, hugs, prayers, emails, food… people have sent our way. Thank you Thank you Thank you! I cannot tell you what an encouragement it is and has been. For those who came to the visitations or funeral – it meant more than you can know.

This past week was very difficult but also incredibly neat to see how loved my father-in-law was. The service for him was beautiful and gave glory to God for the man he was and life he lived. But part of me still can’t believe it happened. Several times I looked at Dad Van lying there and shook my head – it just didn’t seem real.

I’ve heard others say it and I’d have to agree. Knowing death is coming does not make it easier when it happens. But I am thankful for the time we had with him and the goodbyes we were all able to say. That DID help.

When we took Micah and Rina in to the church to see Grandpa they both got very excited when they recognized him. “I see him momma, there’s grandpa!” But it’s amazing how kids just know somethings different bc they didn’t run to the casket, they walked. Both wanted to touch him and ask questions about what was happening and who was taking care of him. “Jesus” was our main answer 🙂 He is with Jesus and Jesus is taking care of him now.

We are doing ok. Good moments and bad moments. It still hurts and we still have tears. That will probably last for awhile. But God is good, friends have been incredibly encouraging and supportive, and we will continue to look forward to the day we will see Dad Van again. We miss him.