Papa and Grandma Nelson time 🙂 I was (and still am) incredibly blessed by all of my grandparents and I am so thankful my kids can say the same thing. All of their grandparents love them, take time to be with them and play with them. Grandpa Van was no exception.

The big news this week – we started school! We actually did about a full mos work this past spring so thankfully Rina has some foundation now on which we can build. It’s a learn as we go process with all 3 kids needing mom but we’ll make it work. I am very thankful for this opportunity. Most days at least 😉

In other news my little boy turned 3 this week! Micah just cracks me up. He is an incredibly sweet little boy! Although for the first time this past week he tackled Rina! She was not happy about it but I’m afraid little girl that’s life with a brother.