(sorry I missed last week – still figuring out new schedules with homeschooling : )

Do you know that heaven is not my home?

Don’t be too shocked it isn’t your’s either.

There is a hymn that I truly do enjoy singing but it is totally wrong. It states “this world is not my home I’m just a passin’ through.” Remember that hymn?

Well, according to the Bible that’s not true.

You see, Scripture declares that at the end of all things when God is with His people and His people are with Him, God will bring heaven down to earth and mankind will live once again on this planet. And the throne of God will be set in the New Jerusalem for God will dwell (or Tabernacle) with His people for all eternity.

And it will happen on earth.

In one sense heaven, where those who have gone before us and are currently with Jesus, that’s just temporary. They won’t stay there forever. We won’t be there forever. God created planet earth as our home in the very beginning and He hasn’t rescinded that. This planet is our home.

But just as you will one day be renewed and are being recreated to fulfill God’s purpose and calling on your life so will this planet. The planet we live on today is corrupted by sin and death and is wasting away just as we are. And as we will one day be resurrected so will this planet. It will again be the perfectly “good” creation God intended it to be.

Imagine an earth w/o any spot or stain. Beautiful, majestic, filled with the glory of God. No death or sickness has ever been seen or felt on it. That is our eternal home.

May we be Biblically accurate in our thinking and our expectations. May we search the Scriptures to see what it really says and not be content with what the songs or others tell us. And may we be excited to see what amazing things God has in store for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

Maybe we should sing the hymn this way – Heaven’s not my home. I’ll just be passin’ through. My home is planet earth once it has been renewed.