A few weeks ago I read what was thankfully a quick news article about an 8 year old girl in a foreign country who died on her wedding night. Her husband was a 40 year old man. ‘Nough said

There are times when I beg God to come back and have done with us and the sin and corruption in which we live. To stop the pain and heartache, the abuse and terror. Then I am reminded that I have loved ones who do not know Jesus yet. What would become of them if Jesus was to return today???

I don’t even want to think about it.

This world is desperate for a revival to take in the Church.

Changing laws does not change the heart. Abuse has been outlawed and yet it still continues to happen. Yes, fight to change the laws! I agree with that. Christians still need to stand up and make our voice heard in the public arena. Christians should be at the front lines fighting for those who are unable to speak for themselves. No matter how old or young, where they live, or who they are.

BUT if you want to see major changes in this country, this world, this community, or your own homes? You want to see the men who are taking those too young brides repent in sackcloth and ashes begging God for forgiveness? You want to see parents refusing to allow this to happen to their children??

Believer, get on your knees before a Holy God and beg Him to intervene! You place yourself before the Throne of the Living God on behalf of someone who may not even know you exist, and you don’t move until you have an answer from God.

You kneel, you weep, you put your face to the carpet and you implore the Creator of the Universe to move on behalf of those you love.
On behalf of those who need Him.
On behalf of those who you don’t even know and may never meet.
On behalf of those little ones who can’t defend themselves.
On behalf of other believers who are taking a stand and being persecuted for it.

There is power in prayer that we cannot even fathom, and I am convinced we have not seen it bc we don’t believe it. May God in His mercy teach us about the power of prayer. May God in His mercy allows us to see the answers to our prayers and encourage us in this discipline. May we start to shake the very foundations of hell when we pray, not bc of us, but bc of the God to whom we are praying.