When right and wrong become relativized what’s a person to do? When what was wrong for one becomes right for another how’s a person to decide? When what was bad yesterday becomes good today who’s to say what’s good or bad?

You will either choose to live by the absolute and unchanging standards of the Word of God, or you will live based on the ever-changing never fully realized standards of this culture.

God does not change, nor is He a man that He should lie. Therefore, if He said it, He meant it AND He expects us to live by it.

– when He tells you to be holy as He is holy – guess what, you are suppose to be holy.
– when He tells you to love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you – guess what, you love people you may not even like and you treat them like you would want to be treated. And you get to pray for God’s blessing on them whatever that may look like.
– when He tells you to forgive like He forgives – guess what, you forgive.

God means what He says.

– when He says to come boldly unto the throne of God – you do it. Take Him at His Word! Wrestle with God. Take your thoughts, your frustrations, your anger, your issues and run to Him. He knows you are struggling with them anyway.
– when you are dry ask Him for a drink
– when you are weary ask Him for strength
– when you are failing ask Him to lift you up and revive you

He is God. He is able to do abundantly more than we ask or think.

The times in which we live are hard and there is much confusion. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone is supposedly tolerant, except those who are intolerant. The voices of the world are screaming for attention, and often it is enough to discourage and frighten us.

So turn them off. Turn off the tv, the news, the radio, the music, the internet, your friends… and run to God. These times are not meant to discourage us but to drive us to our knees. Run to God. Open your Bible. Get on your face before your Father in heaven. Beg God for wisdom and strength.

Run to God. He has not changed. He has not moved. He has not forgotten you.

This is not a sprint we are in, this is a marathon. But we must continue to run hard and fast after God bc we don’t know when we’ll hit the finish line.