Sorry, both my sisters are in town, kids are having fun with cousins, my amazing mom’s 60th birthday is happening and we’re trying to squeeze in as much family time as we can…. barring sickness (all the kids are coughing) and needing some rest and down time.

But the big news for us – I am 12 weeks pregnant 🙂 Due date is Feb 12th and the baby and I are doing well. Hoping to get some energy back soon but hey, it goes with the territory. Very thankful for this little one, and I can’t wait to start feeling movement. Nope, we’re not finding out what we’re having – sorry Jenna 😉 And yes when we do figure out names we’ll let you know. I think my sisters nicknamed this one Zephaniah…. Yeah, likely NOT the name we’ll be going with but for the next 6 mos feel free to use it.

Otherwise, just trying to enjoy summer!