Could you imagine what would happen if the mountains actually did praise God?
Or what if we could hear the stars singing as they shined in the night sky?
What if every drop of rain as it fell declared the greatness of God?
Or every time the wind blew through the branches you would hear a thunderous applause rising to heaven in honor of the Creator?

What if all of creation really does cry out to God, and one day we find out we were just unable to hear it?

The heavens declare the glory of God Ps 19 states. Have you ever wondered if that means literally? Maybe right now the clouds are shouting as they pass through the morning sky – our Creator reigns and He is great and greatly to be praised!

It is sad to think about – mankind is the one thing in all of creation that was made in the image of God. Yet it is mankind alone that refuses to honor God and give Him His due. And sometimes it’s bc we are simply too busy. After all we have Facebook, texts, phone calls!, movies, tv shows, jobs, money to make, people to talk to, food to eat… whatever. We simply don’t have the time to spend with God.

And I’m as guilty as the next person.

So, let me encourage you to take sometime right now to focus only on God. Put aside your job, your struggles, the internet… they’ll all still be there to be picked back up when this time is done. Don’t focus on your phone or the clock. Take sometime this morning to praise God and focus on Him.

This is hard for us in America. We are losing the art of focusing. There are so many other distractions and gadgets and gizmos vying for our attention.

It will take time.
It will take effort.
It will take practice.

But if God is truly God, then He is worth the effort. And Lord-willing, one day we might just hear those mountains and stars singing praise to the Creator.