(This is taking the place of Thursday’s post)

We talk about the resurrection of Jesus and we know we’re suppose to be excited about it, but if we even understood partially what it meant we would be shouting it out from the rooftops daily!
The resurrection of Jesus is vital. It is not just a nice story; it’s not just given to make a happy ending. It is of first importance for many reasons.
The resurrection of Jesus proves that death is not the end. The grave could not hold our Lord, neither will it hold you. Death does not have the last word. God does.
The resurrection of Jesus gives confirmation that on the cross the death of Jesus truly was victorious and the punishment for our sins has been paid for. God’s wrath towards you is gone. God the Father is satisfied.
The resurrection of Jesus proves that He is exactly who He says He was. If you read in Scripture the writers make it very clear it was God who raised Jesus from the grave. God would not raise a liar or a lunatic. But a Father will gladly raise His beloved Son. Jesus is glorified.
The resurrection of Jesus guarantees that this world, along with you and I, will be redeemed. This life, our struggle with sin is not the end of the story. This broken world devastated by sin and death will be restored and made new and you and I along with it. Along with all those who are in Christ. We are justified.
The resurrection of Jesus gives us hope and assurance that we can and will persevere. God is able to save you to the uttermost. He is able to hold you to the end. He is able to give you the strength you need to persevere bc the power that raised Jesus from the dead now resides in you through the Holy Spirit. If you are in Christ Jesus.
The resurrection of Jesus is the beginning of the age to come when God’s kingdom will cover the earth and all the universe will declare the greatness of God. It has not fully come yet, but it has begun bc of the resurrection.
The resurrection of Jesus gives assurance that your faith is not in vain. God has already won the victory, the battle is over. It’s only a matter of time now. Your faith will be made sight. You will see the Son of God in all His glory and the Lord God upon His throne. The world will cry out ‘Holy is the Lord, You alone are worthy to receive glory, honor, and praise!’ 
The resurrection of Jesus is the guarantee. The resurrection of Jesus is the proof. The resurrection of Jesus is the assurance. The resurrection of Jesus is the beginning.
Christ is risen. He is risen indeed!