(20 weeks Praise the Lord! Half way and everything is going well)

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you blink and it’s Friday, and you realize you barely spent any time just you and Jesus? Your intentions were good and always there but it just never seemed to happen…
Honestly, I wonder if that’s one reason why God, from the very beginning of time, set aside 1 day a week where He commanded His people to deliberately and intentionally make it all about Him. 
The day we gather as the body of Christ and meet with fellow believers is important for so many reasons. And one of those reasons – it simply allows us to catch our breath and be reminded what life is really all about.
Meeting together with the body of Christ forces us to stop, allows us time to set aside distractions, be refreshed, encouraged, renewed and reminded – it’s all about God.
I don’t know what your weeks are like but I don’t have to know. God knows what this week has been like for you. He also knows what is coming in the next week. This Sunday (and every Sunday) what He’s requiring of you is to stop, put it all aside, and focus on Him. Lay your burdens down. Take the work problems, the money issues, the relationship struggles, whatever… and lay them all before Jesus and leave them there. Then get up and worship Him.
I can guarantee you nothing you are facing is more important than the God before whom you will stand. So make it all about Him. Begin this next week by being reminded God is God and we are not and therefore, we will praise His Name. 
How else do you come before a King but humbly and fully?