Have you ever gone to the bathroom and then thanked the Lord for the holes in your body? (The Jewish people actually have a blessing for this! It goes something like “Blessed are You Lord God King of the Universe who created holes in my body”)

Or what about while brushing your teeth? Have you ever thanked God that you have teeth to brush, a tongue that tastes and a nose that smells?

The Small Things
We are often reminded to thank God for the big things; salvation, redemption, the Torah, Jesus, God’s love, mercy and grace. And yes, praise God for those! However, we sometimes forget to say thank You Lord for the smaller things.
– Thank You Lord that You created a world with color.
– Thank You Lord that You created a world with different sounds and pitches so everything isn’t monotone.
– Thank You Lord for creating pain so I know when something is wrong and I need help.
– Thank You Lord for sleep that allows me to rest and put aside the weight and worries and pressures of life for awhile.

What if we spent our days, instead of looking for things to complain about, looking for something to say Thank You Lord for…

The Challenge
In fact, what if you spent this next week looking for 50 different things you could tell God Thank You for, and you even kept a list so you would know when you reached 50?

How different would your days be? How different would your week be?

Do you think this might be in a small way what Paul had in mind when he said to give thanks in everything?

Believer, may you take up the challenge this week to bless the Lord by thanking Him. May the Holy Spirit open our eyes to just a few of the many blessings God has bestowed on us as we go through our days. And as a body may we cultivate a spirit of blessing and gratitude as we worship the Lord.

(and leave a comment below to let me know if you really do it! I did it and wow, by the end of the week I was seeing things a bit differently… but more on that next week)