Amos 3:8 The Lion has roared – who will not fear?
The Sovereign Lord has spoken – who can but prophesy?

One of the names of God in Scripture is the Lion of Judah.

Sometimes I think we focus too little on the fact that our God is compared to a lion.

Jesus came once as a baby, gentle, humble, and meek.
He was a servant who lived, taught, died, and was brought back to life.
He was ignored, beaten, mocked, and spat upon.
But how often do we think about the fact that the next time He comes, it will be very different?

The Lamb is coming back as a Lion.
The Servant is coming as King of kings.

And this time every knee will bow, every eye will see, and every tongue will confess that Jesus the Messiah is Lord of all.

The Lion will roar from Jerusalem. The God of Israel will stand upon the mountain and every eye will behold Him. No one will ignore Him. No one will mock Him. There will be no doubt anymore.

On Palm Sunday we celebrate that our King came gentle, lowly, riding on the foal of a donkey. Palm branches were spread before Him. Hosanna, Lord save us! was what the people cried. The city was in an uproar before this Man Jesus.

But the next time Jesus comes comes, it won’t be just a city that’s in an uproar. This time He’ll be riding on the mountains. Instead of mere palm branches the trees themselves will bow before Him, and not just the people, but the very rocks will cry out in praise to the King.

Believer, never stop learning about the first coming of Jesus. But may you also get excited for His next coming. May you bow before the Lamb today, that you may stand with the Lion tomorrow.

A little old school song for ya 🙂 Enjoy!