Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a pastor/theologian in Nazi Germany. Unlike many of his fellow pastors during this incredibly difficult time, Bonhoeffer stayed true to the Gospel of God and it eventually cost him his life. But before his death, he spent 2 years in prisons and concentration camps.

This was a man who understood something about the cost of being a believer in Jesus. During his life, Bonhoeffer made this statement “when Christ bids a man, He bids him come and die.” 

The Bible is full of paradoxes and as believers we need to be willing to acknowledge them.

We are so quick to tell people about Jesus and all the good things God has for us.
heaven not hell.
And all those things are true – Praise God!

But how often when we’re telling people about Jesus do we acknowledge the paradox that you have to lose your life to find it. The truth is when you come to Jesus you take Him on His terms and that means you come as a bondservant.

You are no longer a “free agent” to put it in sports lingo.

We flippantly call it “getting saved” or inviting Jesus into your heart, but the truth is that salvation is one of the most amazing things that takes place in the universe.

In salvation the Lord of creation reaches down into the kingdom of darkness, takes a slave to darkness and brings that person into the kingdom of Light, the kingdom of the Beloved Son. Essentially raising that person to life!

You now have life and you have it abundantly!!

We cannot fathom the gift we have been given


there’s a price.

It cost you nothing to be brought into God’s kingdom but now that you’re in there, guess what, you’re not the King. God is. He gets to tell you how to live. It’s a more amazing life than you can even fathom, but it’s His life that you get to walk out.
His plans.
His thoughts.
His desires.
His heart.

And sometimes that means you have to say no to your plans, your thoughts, your desires, and the fulfillment of your kingdom.

Is there a child you need to pour into?
Is there a single mom you can encourage or babysit her kids?
Is there a nursery at your church that needs help finding workers?
Is there a friend that could use encouragement?
Is there a person you need to apologize to?
Is there a spouse you need to forgive?

God bids you to come and find life, Believer! But first, you need to lay down the one you have. The selfish desires, the sinful inclinations, the weight of sin and the chains of death that hold you down and keep you imprisoned. Christ bids you come and be set free from all that. But now you are free to serve the God who made you, knows you intimately and loves you unconditionally.