On Friday the Michigan Supreme Court handed down a huge win for freedom and the people of Michigan. Seven to zero, Republicans and Democrats alike decreed that the Governor was out of line in every single Executive Order after April 30th.

Therefore, as of Friday October 2nd, 2020, every single order from the Governor regarding the Coronavirus was stricken from the law books. Legally it’s as if they never existed.

On Monday the Health Dept quickly came out and decreed that they would re-instate what the Court struck down. Many Executive Orders were back on the books, they said.

Here’s the problem: the Health Dept is not able to create laws. They are only able, in times of pandemics, to enforce health laws already in place. Due to the Supreme Court’s verdict there are no health laws in place about Corona. Everything after April 30th has been removed, as if they never existed

How can you enforce a health law that never existed?

The people of Michigan are legally and constitutionally free to go about their normal business and continue their normal lives. But how many realize it? How many care? How many feel safer following guidelines that are no longer in place?

My heart has been so heavy as I’ve watched this and learned the truth behind the lies. I want to cry out “People you are free! You can take those masks off! Live life again! Open up your business, eat out, go play, do sports, breath the free air again! You are free!”

But who would listen?

And I’ve started to wonder, is that how we live all the time?

Because of the cross of Jesus, people are free! We are no longer slaves to sin. No longer enslaved to a tyrannical authority that seeks only to control, destroy, and keep us down. We have been set free to walk in the light and live according to God’s commands. We are free to be loved by a God who created us. To know and be known by a God who’s unfathomable but good.

The guilt, the burden, the shame, the sin, the chains that bind us and weigh us down are gone!

Why do we so often live as if they’re still there? Why do we live under an authority that’s lost it’s hold? Why do we listen to a person who has no power to control or rule our lives? We do not belong to the kingdom of darkness anymore! We are free!!

Why is it easier to walk in darkness than live in the light?

Oh Church you are free! Free to be the people God created you to be! Free to worship together! Free to listen and hear the voice of your Beloved calling you to come and walk with Him! Free to sing His praises and walk in His ways. Free to keep His commands and be blessed! Free to know the Creator of the Universe intimately and be known by Him.

Lord God, forgive us for living in a captivity that no longer exists and refusing to walk in the freedom Your Son provided. Forgive us for refusing to be free.