Veronica and Erika continue their discussion about life in first century Israel and how Scripture influenced daily life.  In this episode they talk about “keshers,” hyper links in the text, that relate back to another verse.  Erika showed how Jesus used the word “love” and pulled from two different Old Testament verses to answer which is the greatest commandment.  Veronica pointed out that on the cross Jesus quotes Psalm 22:1. We also said Luke 23:29-30 connects back to Hosea 10:12.

Erika shares an exciting connection found in Matthew 22:15 with the Herodians and paying taxes which relates back to Genesis 1:27.  Jesus gave a powerful lesson to the people standing front of Him but also to us today.   

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We didn’t reference specific books in this podcast but our research comes from Brad Young, Dwight A. Pryor, Kenneth Bailey, First Fruits of Zion and Jerusalem University College.