Veronica and Erika pick up the discussion with Moses and God at the beginning of chapter six.  God tells Moses that Abraham, Issac and Jacob knew God by His name El Shaddai (think memory and covenant), but Moses and Egypt are about to know God by a different name.  We will see how God reveals Himself and this new name over the next few chapters.  

After this conversation between Moses and God is what appears to be a random break in thought – a genealogy.  Erika explains how the original readers would view this genealogy, how it provides a link to the past and the future, and why genealogies offer hope.  

What does it mean Pharaoh hardens his heart and God hardens Pharaoh’s heart?  Have you ever wondered if that was fair?  Erika and Veronica tackle that subject in this podcast today.  

We mention Lois Tverberg.  Her website is

Veronica also mentioned Bruce Waltke and his book titled “Old Testament Theology.” 

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In order to prepare for this study we used the following books or articles:
Exploring Exodus by Nahum Saran
Exodus: God, Slavery, and Freedom by Dennis Prager
The JPS Commentary on Exodus by The Jewish Publication Society
Messiah – Issue 24
Exodus: Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible by Thomas Joseph White, OP
Exodus: A Mentor Commentary by John L. Mackay
Shadows of the Messiah by First Fruits of Zion, book 2
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Tabuk by Kevin MacLeodLink: